IQBAL (The Child Carpet Weaver)

IQBAL (The Child Carpet Weaver)

Through puppetry and storytelling and with original music, Sokobauno sensitively retell this harrowing but moving true story.


Iqbal Masih was sold into slavery at the age of four and forced to work for six years weaving carpets for his corrupt master. When he finally did escape at the age of ten Iqbal joined the Bonded liberation Front, with their support he helped free other child workers trapped in illegal factories, they encouraged Iqbal to tell his story to school children in his own country and in America. Iqbal was shot and killed on his bicycle in Lahore, Pakistan at just twelve years old.

Staged in a beautiful toy theatre, with hand carved miniature marionettes and shadow puppetry.

Duration: 60 mins.
Puppet types: Toy-theatre, rod and shadow puppets,
Written and adapted by Shane Connolly and Collen Magennis
Puppeteers: Shane Connolly and Colleen Magennis
Music: Steven Jones and Daniel Padden and Shane Connolly.
Direction: Dave Samuels


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